Hey I just broke up with my girl a few days ago and I'm wondering what to do?

I'm 16 and she's 14 I really love this girl I had a bad day and I was kind of cold on her so she started flirting with another guy and she told me he meant nothing to her I read a text about them getting together and didn't say anything that night she called me and I heard the guy in the background. I told her I was breaking up with her and she was all sad and told me she loved me . the next day I guess she's dating the guy she was flirting with obviously as a rebound . he's a real player like a f*** and chuck guy. I know she still loves me like she tells me she's sorry but she's still with the other guy. lately when she texts me random love poems or tries to talk to me I just don't respond. I know its getting to her but I don't want to be with her unless she's completely over the other guy and apologizes and asks for me back.. until then how should I play it? I'm not an overly sensitive guy but I was loving towards her and we barely ever got into fights with each other. how do I get her to dump the other guy without getting involved

I've been with enough girls to know I'm in love with her. I just wanna know should I ignore her until she comes around..


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  • alright, well, this is kinda complicated. The girl obviously still likes you and now regrets hanging around the other guy. she probably realizes how much sweeter you are than the other guy. She's regretting letting you go, and isn't handelling the situation maturally. It's not fair to you OR the other guy that she's giving you mixed signals. And if you guys do get back together, how do you know that she won't be texting and flirting with other guys behind your back? Because that's what this girl is doing. If she keeps it up, let her go.


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  • You don't get her to dump the other guy. If she really loves you like she says she does, she would come back to you in a heartbeat. Honestly, just move on in my opinion. If she can have a guy come over and have text messages that say they will get together, she's not worth the time at all. It hurts, but you should just forget about her because she's already with another guy.

  • You guys are still young, don't waste your time on her. Let her go, if she comes back and is done with him then okay but otherwise you got classes to worry about and college so you should be more into that than her. trust me I am 18 I know. Good Luck!


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