My boyfriend never properly kisses me anymore?

Well I've been going out with my boyfriend for almost 6months, and it's weird, he never french kisses me anymore, I just get like pecks? and sometimes he kisses me on my neck... and puts his hand on my stomach under my shirt. How do I get him to french kiss me now?


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  • Ask him why he doesn't. I don't know why people nowadays think that talking to their lover isn't an option. Just don't pressure him to respond in a way he thinks you want him to. Tell him to be honest. And if you would like to be a b*tch about his honest answer (like some girls do) then you two shouldn't be dating anyway.

  • Tell him you want to french kiss. This happens. People can get used to having a girlfriend or boyfriend and then they stop doing all the hot, sensual stuff they did in the beginning and default to how they normally would operate. You need to tell him you want french kissing (say it nice and tell him how good he is at it) and if it still doesn't happen much, accept that is his personality. Then decide if it works for you.