When do I text a girl I meet?

we just met for the first time and later hook up and hit second base. When it is time to leave, she gets my number and later texts me from her car and tells me she basically had a good time. I reply and agree. When should I text her back again? and was this a one time only stand?


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  • I would all up to arange a meeting in person


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  • I totally don't get 'bases' because they're different depending on where you're from.

    How long ago was it that you last texted her?

    I'd wait like a day or two and if she doesn't text you, text her around 7pm. You don't want to text too late, because sometimes girls will think you're drunk or you're looking for a booty call. So text an hour or two after you finish work/school as long as its not after 9pm.

  • Text back, in a couple of days. Show you aren't there just for sex.

    Ask her on a date. Get to know her more and bah you got her.