I'm so confused. Guys please help me figure out this guy?

OK so me and this guy are just in a 'casual' relationship but the thing is, I like him more than that and he knows but I don't let it affect our 'casual' thing. He texts me all the time and sometimes says he loves me. If I don't text him back he's sends allot of texts all like text me back baby which is nice to know he needs me. But we had an disagreement bout something today and he hasn't texted me back in a while. I texted him but haven't like text bombed him I texted him between 3 times since lunch time. He said he loved me which is why he always texting me and stuff but then he also said that I was only a 'causal' thing which was during the umm little fight thing. I know he'll text me again maybe tomorrow or in a couple of days because he always comes back to me but what the hell is going through his head?! help please. It's not like he can't get any other girls because he is really hot and kind and caring and nice


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  • The odds are he probably does care about you. The casual remark is to try to hurt you because you are in a fight with him. However, don't assume he'll always come back. Sometimes it's best to put your pride aside and make up.


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  • Yeah this relationship sounds really casual. Not.

    You've had sex with the guy, now you can stop the silly texting thing, call him and talk to him with your voice.


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  • ummm... is it really that hard for you to just tell him how you feel? if you want more.. say so..