What's the sweetest thing a guy has told you? Guys what's the sweetest thing you've told a girl?

OK I was chatting with my friend & he was a little drunk so I told him to go to sleep & we'll talk tomorrow. Next day I signed in to my msn & saw a message that he left that night it said " You got me thinking about you 24/7" & obviously I was flattered it made me very happy... I don't know if he was being sincere or if it was the alcohol in his system talking but I still loved it..


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  • I think it was just the alcohol, hon. But then again, sometimes alcohol brings about some of the deepest sincerity in some guys, when their guards are let down.

    I don't know about sweet, but I know one experience that was the most flattering. There was a guy who I'd never noticed before outside of one of my classes my junior year of high school. He smiled at me as I walked towards the door and asked me if he could talk to me for a second.

    He said:

    "I've seen you pass by my locker everyday, and I knew that it'd kill me if I never told you how incredibly gorgeous I think you are."

    Needless to say, he later became my boyfriend. : ]


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  • when I asked this girl to homecoming, I told her I wanted to have the prettiest girl I the whole school to come with me to homecoming, looked around a bit turned around and said oh I found you good and gave her a teddy bear and sign that said homecoming. I think that might have been more cheesey than sweet though haha

  • I don't pay attention to that kind of lameo stuff

    • It isn't lame =l We girls like to feel loved. It feels really good to hear something nice every one in a while...

    • Alright ill say something nice. Your not THAT ugly...;)

    • Did it hurt? =0

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  • This is gonna sound silly but the sweetest thing a guy ever told me "it's raining!". Long story short on our first date, we were having coffee and watching it rain and I commented on how much I love the rain. Some time later while we were dating he just randomly texted me one day and said "it's raining!" It was the sweetest thing because it meant he was paying attention and he cared.

  • It's the alcohol. I never take anything a guy says when he is drunk seriously. If they cannot say it when sober, its not worth the oxygen they expended saying it. I have seen too many guys change up their attitudes to the exact opposite of what they said when drunk. It's a disappointment.

    • Shoot =( That sucks... I was all happy =l Lol =D

    • Unlike the other gal that responded, I have not found alcohol to bring out the deepest sincerity in people. What I have found is that it loosens inhibitions and that usually means, in a guy, that they say stuff that isn't necessarily connected to love, but to sexual attraction. The next day they sober up and either forget what they said or just feel completely different about it.

      So, enjoy what he said, but don't count on it to mean anything more will come of it.