Can a person be to sweet to date?

I told my friend if she could would she go out with me? She told me I'm to sweet? Isn't that a good thing? Answers?


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  • As already mentioned, she might not reciprocate your feelings. Because, in my experience, I prefer the sweet, caring, nice etc. guys and it wouldn't inhibit me at all. Also, if she is your age then she might have a "type" of guy she prefers. However, IF, this is the case with her don't be deterred because being sweet is an awesome attribute for a guy to have!


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  • Maybe she doesn't feel the same way and wanted to let you down easy? I would never not date a guy I really had the hots for because he's "too sweet".

    • Why not? like I'm sweet all the time like we play fight and whatever I curse at her sometimes so its not like I'm this all around good guy

  • maybe she ment you aren't her type. but then again she probably ment it as a compliment. I think you should just ask her. good luckk (:


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