Do you think I should kiss him? Would he say no?

We are both in college - he's a senior & I'm a junior. I like him.lots. but sadly he already said to me that he didn't want a relationship at this point... The problem is: I still like him.

This week is our finals and I'm leaving on Saturday. I was just gonna leave in peace- but then he recently asked me if I wanted to have dinner out with him on friday night (the night before I leave)...

We went to a dance with each other last weekend (ahum, major grinding..) - later on he apologized many times that he wasn't able to hang out more during the semester due to his work (cos senior)

And so now dinner...I'm not sure what he's thinking? Some friends told me he might want sex - you know just physical, no attachment since he won't see me again- guys, is it TRUE?

On the other hand, in case he doesn't initiate anything (invitation was due to politeness) then is it worth it try for a goodbye kiss after our 'dinner date'? (cos won't lead to anywhere anyways) and If you were him, would you say yes or no?

Thanks so much!


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  • I think you should go by how the evening goes before deciding whether to kiss him or not


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  • kiss him!


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  • He definitely wants a kiss OR MORE! It depense on you... Wanna go for a date? Go. Wanna kiss him? Kiss him. Wanna have sex with him? ...