Why are women so dependent?

They want all freedom to be the same as men and I feel that they deserve that whole heartedly. I just don't get why they still feel everything is up to the man. I am old fashioned and feel the man should provide and take care of his woman no matter what. And I try to do that with every once of my being.

That being said through the current economic times it takes two people working to make a prosperous household. I know there are guys out there that make enough money for the household but I'm not one of them. I have no college experience and I realize that that is my problem. So don't tell me its my own fault and to stop complaining.

My wife is all upset cause we are a little strapped for money and she puts all the pressure on me to fix the problem. She does work and so do i. I'm not making the money I made at my previous job but still make more than her. So in today's world why is all the pressure on me. Why should I have to work three jobs or find another one that pays more when she is making no effort to better her career or find another job that will pay more?

I know this is really long but I am fed up with being the bad guy cause we don't make the money we used to.


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  • Personally, I do feel its the man's job to provide. However, I feel the woman should step up to the plate when times are hard. My ex was the one who brought home the money and I would make sure the house was spotless and he had his food ready for him when he walked through the door. His clothes were laid out for him while he was in the shower in the morning.

    I remember when he lost his job.. I was working part time. I bumped my hours to full time and picked up a second job. I was tired all the time. Sometimes, I was so angry at him(usually because the house wasn't clean... but now he was home and I was working all the time. If I had to step up to the plate, then so did he.) but I know one thing.. it felt so good in the end to know that I could take care of the household and us. My money paid the bills... I did it.

    Currently in my life, I would rather be able to take care of myself before letting someone else do it. I am apprehensive on the fact that I don't want to come off as dependent... but as someone who can do it on her own. However, I am extremely old fashioned. I do believe the woman should make things comfortable for her man. Run him a bath when he gets home from work. The house is clean... the food is cooked. Let him know you appreciate all his hard work. He is taking care of you, so take care of him. Too many women take that for granted.

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      Glad you learned that you can do for your self. I don't need any thing cooked for me or my clothes washed or any thing else I am not 8 years old. And no one has to do any thing because of their sex. I would never want a woman who thought I should provide for her I would find that disgusting.

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      No he is saying that it is nice for EVERYONE to come home to nice meal a nice home a nice f*** a nice talk, independent of their gender,.

      what would you say if people of the same gender are together .. or I guess they do not count in this world....?

      it isnotthat people do not LIKE nice things being done& help, but gender 'roles' are very limiting & oppressive.

      - Giving up your dignity is called love in many circles-

      As far as I'm concerned, degradation is not sexy or attractive :)

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      Wow, why so defensive on how I feel about this? Gender roles.. they apply to who ever wants them. My best friend is gay and he is very feminine... and every much makes sure everything is done for his love. So, what about people who choose to portray a certain "gender"? Gay or not... are you going to bash them as well. I respect your views but don't bash me for mine. Thanks.