Why did he blow me off??

Met him a month ago. Texted casually few times a wk. Met up one night and kissed a little. Invited me out and back to his house for a movie. Talked a lot and kissed a lot while there - nothing more. He was VERY into it - we both were. Texted me after to say he was "glad I came over". That was last week. Haven't heard from him since. I texted once and got no response. What the hell happened?

Basically I've given up - his loss! I did text him to just say "What's up" but he never responded. Immature. So onto the next one!


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  • Well, it was only last week. Be patient, if you don't hear from him in the next few days, then you know he probably is just not interested. In the mean time, no more texts or emails from you. Guys like a good chase.


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  • Well I can't tell you what happened besides maybe he thought you were a bad kisser but I can tell you that something was bugging him and he didn't want to deal with it so instead of fixing the problem he just decided it was easier to stop talking to you. Don't worry about it though. I had experiences like that and found out later that the guy it happened with does that to girls all the time. He just uses them for whatever he is feeling like at the moment and after that he just stops talking to them. So brush it off and focus on finding a guy that is worth your time.

  • maybe he has moved on and counted that as a hook up or one night fling.