Why do men do the dating thing and act interested and then disappear and make themselves unobtainable?

A couple of years ago I started talking to a man and everything was cool. We waited before we slept together, talked about everything and generally felt each other out before things got serious. Then he was at risk f going to prison so I backed off while the whole court thing was going on but when that was over he asked me to convert to Islam and then went on holiday for 2 weeks. When he got back he was totally different and his phone was off a lot. When I did speak to him he kept promising to come see me and call me but he never did. When I cut him off he began to msn me whenever he saw I was online. What is that about?


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  • I think that you should stop letting him take the relationship in whatever direction he thinks it should be going. If a guy is only talking to online and such, it usually means he has something to hide. I would lay it all out for him.. tell him to not promise you things if he isn't going to follow through, that you like him, but you refuse to be strung along like that. Sounds like he needs to decided what he really wants.


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  • i guess you fell for the wrong thing. he presented you with this image that you felled for

  • you got played


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  • Usually players who are juggling multiple girls do the disappearing act.