What can I do to show that I want to kiss her?

Me and this girl that I'm dating are gonna be doing a movie night at my house in a couple weeks. It's obvious that we both really like each other, and it's inevitable that we're gonna be in a relationship, but she wants to wait until she's absolutely sure before she commits to anything. This is the second date for us, the first one was prom that she asked me to. I don't expect this to turn into anything sexual, based on the fact that she's kinda a prude when it comes to physical things, but she has said that she would make out on a first or second date. I really want to kiss her when we are watching the movie, but I don't know how to show it. What should I do to show her that I want to kiss her, and how could I set the mood so it ends up being a really awesome make-out session? Any answers would be really helpful. Thanks!


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  • Well, I wouldn't take it too far with the make-out thing until the third date. :) Basically, when you guys are quiet for a moment, not right after you're done talking about something, but after a moment of silence, look at her, and make sure she looks at you. Lean in reeeeeaaallllllyyyy slowwwww, and if she seems interested, she'll lean in a little bit as well. Then smoochy smoochy! If she's not, turn away and pretend it never happened and laugh at yourself later. :P Eventually she'll want to kiss you, and when you both kiss, wait until the next date, or the date after that, and see if she also wants to make out by continuing to kiss. Good luck! :D

    • Yeah, I think anything is cool if you lean in reallllly slow.

      The first kiss I had the guy grabbed my waist & held me for a second & just dived in lol

      In retrospect it was a fantastic kiss, but as a first kiss it was a bit much... It took me a while to get over it - but he was hot & incredibly cute personality wise, so I managed.... lol :)

    • Haha, yeah, I plan on making it as intimate and personal as possible, so I don't think diving in would do me much...

      When should I do it? Should I do it during the movie, before it, after it, when she's about to leave, what?


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  • Well I think its really cute if you sort of nudge her gently while you guys are watching a movie, like her arm or hand or something - just a push & see how she reacts then if she seems open, you can pul in slowly after looking at her like you want to kiss her, but a bit questioning with your eyes so she does feel control over the situation. :)

  • you could show her maybe by the end of just kissing her when she leaves. don't make it a make out session yet. it's too early for that, trust me. =)

  • if you want to know when to do it at the right time, I don't know what to tell you there but just don't hesitate that would make her seem like you don't know what your doing

  • i would touch her face. Just gently and saying a compliment or something. That is what would make me think the guy wanted to kiss me. And setting the mood could be different depending on the girl. If she is sweet and kinda quiet and not really really outgoing, just be sweet and caring with it. If its an outgoing girl, I would think being more forward and playful about kissing would get her in the mood. Hope I helped! :)

    • I wish I had read this a couple months ago. Had this fling with this chick but realized too late that she wanted the more sensitive/caring type of make-outs rather than the Alpha-Male intense kisses. I had done a bit of both, but more of the latter.

      In retrospect, I don't think she was my kind of girl. And when it comes to kissing, I kind of prefer a more passionate and playful kisser anyway.

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