Girls, with a new guy, how do you know it's a DATE and not just "hanging out" as friends?

Guys, if you must answer, haha, what do you do (specifically) before/during the date to make sure the girl thinks it's a "date" and not just "hanging out"?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well it's usually a date if we are hanging out alone. But there are small things invovled like touching her hand, her back, focusing on her a lot, sitting close to her etc. It is usually VERY obvious to a girl if it is a date or just hanging out. If I'm just hanging out with the guy they usually are no where near my personal bubble unless they're my very good guy friend.

    • Well if a date if you ask her on date not to just hang out.

What Guys Said 1

  • start from the beginning with hey I wanna take you out on a date (hopefully much smoother than that)... then you don't have to worry about whether she thinks its a date or not. No need to beat around the bush bro. Ask the girl out and be confident leave the games for the retards!