Why won't she kiss me?

I've liked this girl for a while and she likes me as well, but when I tried to kiss her while we were alone she dropped her head, I tried softly turning her head and she rested her forehead on mine but wouldn't bring her lips close


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  • Ive done things like that when I'm not interested in taking it passed a fun, flirtatious stage.. especially when I know that the guy has feelings for me because I don't want to hurt him when it eventually gets to a point where I have to say I'm not interested in having a relationship him. I could be wrong about her, because I could also see someone inexperienced acting the same way... try talking to her about it by asking if she has thought about you guys moving past friendship, or if she just doesn't think its in the cards for you two. However you adress it to her, try and leave strong emotions out of the conversation because you don't want her to feel like she has to say things she doesn't mean in order to not let you down.


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  • Do not take it personally at all. Sometimes when a guy will be trying to kiss me and makes it obvious I turn away and try to avoid it. I'll really want to bring myself to kiss him, but I'll be so nervous that I don't. Just keep tryin, don't let it get to your head, I'm sure she is just nervous or worried about what you'll think.

  • she either don't want to kiss you because she thinks ur not attractive enuf or turned off by sumthing. like I do that too if I'm not that into the guy, I turn away... or maybe I'm wrong. maybe she's just too shy or inexperienced. get her comfortable first... :) make ur first kiss really sweet. good luck!

    • I don't think its because I'm not attractive to her, if I'm sitting down she always comes around me or stands in front of me. she even told me before I tried to kiss her that I was cute, so ill just take it as her being shy or inexperienced and try again

    • There you go! so just try again

  • she's just unexperienced. It's probably because she likes you a lot, just make her comfortable and let her know you like her a lot too. Good luck :)

  • for me I do it a lot too...just like all the other girls said I get too scared cause I like them a lot and I don't want to screw up...and I kinda like them trying too, its as if they won't give up until they get her...i would like to think that he really only likes me and is only chasing for me. and I like it at the right moment...maybe give her something? somethnig you know she'd like and tell her you like her, you know all that stuff...girl like it when guys are trying/trying to be cute lol if she laughs maybe you can try to go for that kiss again haha

  • if that were me, it'd be because of inexperience. I haven't made out in a while and I get a bit shy/nervous when a guy tries it, maybe even more so when I like him a lot. but that's just me.


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  • How do you know she likes you, just because she hangs around you doesn't mean she likes you in that way. When a chick doesn't kiss you it could mean she's not experienced, but she would have said something like I'm not ready right now, but I want to, just not right now, or she would have giggled and said something like you wish you could, in a playful kind of way, but eventually she would have given in probably within the next few minutes.

    She didn't do that though, she never let you kiss her, and that is not good, so she either isn't attracted to you, sees you as friend, or maybe she has a boyfriend that she hasn't told you about. I say you try and kiss her again, if she doesn't let you, ask her why.

    • She always is in my vicinity when were in a group, she plays with her hair when she talks, long hugs and and layed on the couch with me. I could have pressed the issue and kept trying but its not really my style, and I didn't want her to get a needy vibe, she could be playing hard to get since I told her I don't like easy girls, should have mentioned I don't like impossibly difficult ones either. ill definitely try againtho.

  • work up to it maybe. kiss her neck see how she responds.

    • Tryed that dude, she only smiled

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    • Can you elaborate on what "sack up" means? I mean, I didn't puss out and not make a confident move so I don't need a pep talk, I want to know where her head could have been at the time. granted, if she didn't like me she wouldn't have let me get that close to begin with

    • Check it assume she's your till she tells you otherwise. ill let you know this I wound make out with a girls unless its going to end with me in an orgasm. she could be the same. make her orgasm. its easier to make a girsl orgasm in her close then out. have you ever heard of a dry hump. rub that sh*t man.