Why won't she kiss me?

I've liked this girl for a while and she likes me as well, but when I tried to kiss her while we were alone she dropped her head, I tried softly turning her head and she rested her forehead on mine but wouldn't bring her lips close


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ive done things like that when I'm not interested in taking it passed a fun, flirtatious stage.. especially when I know that the guy has feelings for me because I don't want to hurt him when it eventually gets to a point where I have to say I'm not interested in having a relationship him. I could be wrong about her, because I could also see someone inexperienced acting the same way... try talking to her about it by asking if she has thought about you guys moving past friendship, or if she just doesn't think its in the cards for you two. However you adress it to her, try and leave strong emotions out of the conversation because you don't want her to feel like she has to say things she doesn't mean in order to not let you down.