Why does he get mad?

In a nut shell he doesn't really put much time into calling me/acting interested in my life like he use to. Instead I only hear from him when he asks when are we hanging out. So now I've decided not to make him a priority and I tell him I will let him know. Also, its always on HIS terms, the days I pick are never good. We usually end up not hanging out and he gets mad. I don't get this I mean maybe if you actually made time for me to talk and stuff I would make time for you. And no he is not busy, he's got my number and he's always online. So what's his deal? I plan on bringing this up when we speak again.


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  • He's the type of guy that needs to be in total control in a relationship. He gets mad because he wants his way all the time. Doubtful you'll ever get him to change.


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  • Amen, sister. I have been through this and it is amazingly frustrating. Some guys are all about keeping things open and light and not being tied down YET somehow that only applies to them, but not to us. We always end up having to drop things for them, go with their plans and wait for their calls.

    What I finally concluded after dating a few guys like this was they were very self-centered and did not value me or my time. I tried talking to them and making little hints and then being very upfront but not confrontational. It didn't matter. They always had some sort of explanation that made it sound like their time was more valuable than mine and I finally realized that was exactly what they thought.

    Now, I won't date a guy who acts this way. They don't get any better the longer you date them or the older they get.