Would you be happy if she called you?

Would you be happy if a girl you liked called you, or would it put you on the spot and make you feel nervous? (would you prefer to work up the courage to do the calling)


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  • I would be very happy, but I wouldn't be very talkative because I would be worried about saying something stupid.


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  • It's always nice for a girl to make the first move. It also depends on your age group. In my late teens, I would have really appreciated it because I was a shy kind of guy and did not know how to approach a girl or was totally afraid of rejection.

    Now in my early 30's, if I meet a girl at a club and we exchange numbers, I would take it for her to be as needy and it lowers her value to me if she calls before I do.

    However if she's someone I already know and like, say a colleague, or friend of a friend I've known for a while and secretly like but for some reason don't want to risk it or for some any other reason we never got together in that way, then yeah by all means it is ok. The risk for her calling would be, what if I didn't like her? :)

    But on the whole, girl calling a guy, decreases her value to the guy. So the question is, are you high enough on his list that calling him even if it lowers your value to him, you will still be high up?

    This is the opinion of a guy in his 30's and it is with regards to women in the same age group. If you are in your teens, then this may not apply because guys at that age group may have less experience with women.

    • What if he had already tried to call - but never left a message or anything? And don't really see hiim that often. Not sure what to do with this, and it's friend of a friend I've known for a while btw

    • If not much time has passed yet, by all means call!!! what you waiting for? But when you call, make it sound you're just being nice and calling back as a courtesy. Don't devalue yourself to him by showing too much eagerness but give enough hints that you are available.

  • I would only feel on the spot if I was unsure about her. But if I can get to know her better, then I don't care who called who. A girl once gave me her number part way into the first text conversation. That made me uneasy because she seemed way too anxious and I had to wonder why. Some people may just carry over habits from work. I know many who won't send mail. They always want to talk on the phone. It can be faster, but I think decisions get made without enough thought. Some calls are relaxed and there's nothing rushed. The person would just rather hear a voice than read text. But I'd go mostly by what is is she has to say.

  • i would be happy. I love getting calls from the girl I like, because we normally text. I think fone calls can only be awkward if, like someone before me said, you are unsure about the girl.


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