I don't understand how to talk to/meet men?

I'm a medical student and have very little time to get out and meet new people. At the same time I am so socially awkward that it takes a good couple of weeks before I can totally be myself, and a couple of months before I'm comfortable to call them my friend. I've been hurt a couple of times in the past and it makes me wary of anyone who shows interest in me. I need to get over myself and start being more open, but I need advice to help me. Thanks a heap :)


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  • Get rid of the bad stuff from the past, its of no use, think ahead, and live in the present. Self-confidence is very important. You need to identify why you feel socially awkward. You may hav very little time to go out, but its all time management... Once you start going out more frequently, u'd feel better and more confident.

  • ill date you I'm a biochemstudent.


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