Can an online long distance relationship work?

When I say "online" I mean two people who met online and have never met in person because of distance. Can they actually work out?


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  • It could go both ways. When you're interacting with a person online, you're not getting to see all aspects of them that could very well drive you nuts. However, I do think that maintaining a relationship online allows you to grow closer to a person because your interaction is intellectual rather than physical. This allows you to get to know a person for who they are (that is, if they're telling the truth). Physical attraction is important though, and since you've never met this mystery person it could very well be that you've built up certain expectations in your head as to what they look like. If they don't meet those expectations in person, that disappointment could very well bring things to an end. (Even if you've video chatted, it's not the same as seeing someone in person.) I personally know of a couple who met online and are absolutely perfect for each other, and I know of another couple who met online and didn't work out so like I said it could go both ways so be prepared for either! Most importantly, be realistic. Good luck!


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  • I am not a fan of online relationships. I understand if people can meet online untill the chance come that they meet in real life. within couple of month may be . But I don't think a relationship can be online. I really don't mean to burst year bubble, may be it will work may be it won't but I don't like the concept.


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  • I personally don't think they can work, unless they actually meet the person and still have feelings for them. So the fact that its long distance doesn't really help much. But I have a friend who is 'dating' this guy she met online, he's 4 years older than her and lives on the other side of the world. SHES convinced she's going to marry him... :/ Also, how do you know the other person does'nt have a girlfriend/boyfriend who they actually know in person? they could be cheating on you for all you know... but then again, they say miracles do happen...