What's one thing you do as a woman that makes a man want a second date?

Besides sex.

What do you do to stand out from other women he's dating, to make him think that he has a catch?

This will be interesting if I get any replies at all.

Can you even name ONE?


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  • Be straightforward. I always find people who are able to speak up their mind to be very fascinating. I don't mean having to criticise eg 'You look ugly'. When on a date, I would love to compliment the guy if there is something good about him or even be polite to him at times to show my courtesy for the things that he did to make the date more pleasant.

    For some guys, I feel that flirting will gain their interest. But if I would want to know this person more, I will focus on verbally and then action comes later.

    • This is something. The problem with most women is that they feel entitled to the date, and that the man has to do everything. The woman can just sit there like dead weight and hope it goes well. A quality man requires a quality woman who stands out from the crowd and actually participates in making the date fun for him as well. You're answer shows that you are at least trying. Which is good.

    • Example: look at the anonymous answer a girl gave below.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I actively listen to him as we engage in conversation and point out how much we have in common

  • Well personally I don't really do anything special. I never have sex or hook up on a 1st date besides maybe a good night kiss. I think it's just been how our personalities mix together and we get along. Not to say that I've had 2nd dates with EVERY guy, but the times I have it's because we just really did have a good time. Not to sound cocky, but I know I am a good catch and if the guy is right for me then he'll see that.


What Guys Said 2

  • i like it when they actually eat their food. that will make me want to see them again

    • Lol. you mean as in they finish their food?

    • Yeah. I like to cook its one of my best tricks. I like when a girls not worried that I think she's a pig or not.

  • Bang him hard. Just be a huge slut. Oral, anal, everything! Just bang the balls off of him! He'll fall in love fo sho!

    You're welcome!