Would You Date Somone In The Army?

I'm curious on, would you date someone from the army?...

Ive been thinking of joining CF,

would I have a harder time, you know...

finding the right girl?... Not like its not already hard...

For f*** sakes where are you.. uhm.. ya... anyways :)


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  • I would say it's probably a little harder for guys like you to find the right girl - because you can see very early on how much she's willing to sacrifice for you, and frankly, most people don't want to sacrifice that much. It's not impossible, though. A girl who really loves you will support you through anything.

    I had told myself I would never date anyone who was getting into the military - it seemed like a huge strain that I wouldn't be able to handle. But then I met a guy that I completely fell for, and he later decided to enlist in the marines. It hurt me and scared me, but I stayed with him because I cared about him and wanted to support him. I would've done anything for him, so all that stuff just becomes an exception when you really love someone.

    We split for reasons that had nothing to do with the military lol, but I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to find that girl.


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  • To be honest it would be a little harder to find a girl who would date a guy in the army. It isn't just the fact that the girl would want someone there to hold and be held, but just the worry factor ya know? Like personally you would be on my mind every two seconds if we were to be together. But then again that's just me. It would probably depend on what type or army (sorry if that sounded weird I'm military illiterate) like fighting and stuff yah I would worry sick. If she is the right one thought she will understand and love you regardless! hope I helped ya mister! :D:D

  • i dated someone in the military...it was indeed very hard for me..he called it off because he thought that I need someone better..but the real reason was because he had found someone else...but you will find your one and only ^-^

  • I personally wouldn't date someone who was in the army. It seems hard to maintain a relationship that way if he was always away. It also would worry me because he is putting himself at risk. Emotionally I wouldn't be able to handle that but, I am just one girl and opinions on this can vary.


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  • well my ex fiance was from the army and pretty high rank person.

    i knew her from online and we communicate pretty then we met and look like made in heaven but thinks happend to her life ( personal emotion) .

    we broke up cos she can't control her ( personal emotion ) and it was a bad ending to point I can't think take it no more and now still can't forgive her what she had done to me.

    Sometime it depend on yourself if you are will to take extra step to think about it and cherish it.

    I still care and love her but even if she want it back I don't know I can .

    It can be done but you have to be patience and both side comprise on everything.