What Confuses You Most About Dating?

Ok so if dating wasn't so confusing then this whole website wouldn't exist!

So I guess I'm really asking;

What are some of the troubles you have with dating?

What is the ONE thing that you also seem to bump into that prevents you from dating successfully?

I ask this because I'm in the process of writing a book and I want to be able to answer some REAL life issues and troubles that you guys may have.

So let me know

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  • I Don't Know What They Are Thinking
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  • I Don't Know How To Keep Them Interested In Me
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  • Selfishness is the most dangerous thing about dating. We put on aires because we have desires that we want fulfilled, even if it means we have to deceive the other person into fulfilling them. When the truth starts to come out, we hedge our bets, using coping mechanisms we have learned throughout our lives, to keep the deepest, darkest, secrets from coming out. Then we try to persuade others to support our version of events, when we all know our perception is incomplete, if not skewed, due to our filters that keep us from seeing reality as it truly is. We call it self preservation, self protection, self defense, etc. What it really amounts to is a lack of trust in God, our selves and others, which leads to minimized risks, and minimized returns. Everything we do to reduce the risk, reduces the potential rewards, until neither risk or reward is worthy of the investment made.


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  • A lot of women aren't sure what they are looking for--friendship, romance--and often they take out whatever frustrations they have on guys in traditional dates!

    That's why I never went in for traditional dates. I went out with groups of people that didn't know each other well for the most part...That way you can get to know someone in a more realistic setting.

  • Like many guys I'm not sure where a woman's boundaries are. Sometimes they want us to be aggressive and other times the same woman will get angry about what I see as the same behavior they were waxing exstatic about before.

    And it's hard to pick up sometimes when they are angry because at the same time they like you and want to be nice.most of the time.so you don't find out until it's too late!

  • I don't know where to find the money to take all these women out. I hate when they don't at least offer to pay. I mean I wouldn't make them pay, but at least offer.

    So that and the problem when you actually start to like more than one person. That is confusing because it can be a hard decision to make.

  • Not knowing when the woman is serious or just playing a game, or just being nice. You can date a woman that gives you all the right signals that she is interested, and then doesn't seem to particularly care whether she sees you again. I'm a guy, and I don't play games - if I show interest, it is real.


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  • okay so first of all.the first thing that troubles a good relationship is: cheating. everyone thinks about it. and some attempt it.i myself: hate it.i think that most girls feel like their boyfriend is looking at other girls like: their friends, rivals, etc. and the guys get all defensive because either: they have thought about hooking up with them. or their truly a good guy and would never do it. I've been with both types. and let me tell you something: the good guys are the best anyones ever gonna get. although they can be a bad boy but be a good guy at the same time. that's my type.lol.

  • they can be interested more than you are them one minute and literally the next day there gone!

    they try so hard to get you interested and when they do after a very short period they up and go no reason at all

    not all guys but ie experienced that

  • Honestly, something that I have trouble with when dating is peoples lack of openness. I am OK with being monogamous. But I'm the type of person that likes to explore and experience new and different things, and I'm happier in a relationship when I can. And every time I express this to someone they think that there is NO way that I can't feel this way without feeling less for my partner. And actually it's usually outsiders nagging about it more than my significant other. I CAN sleep with other people and explore new things and still ONLY be in love with the one I'm with. Sex to me isn't necessarily an emotional thing. Sometimes it's purely physical.