She needs a break but always wants to hang out?

Me and my fiancee have been together for two years. Our latest fight was about moving in and I had mentioned that we would split the bills seeing she has two pre teenage kids that are not mine. She got furious and said that I was treating her like a roommate. Now she says she doesn't feel secure with me. Things are slow at work right now and I'm doing the best I can.

Here is the thing she says she wants a break to figure what she wants. She took off her engagement ring but she texts me all the time, calls all the time tells me she loves me and hangs out with me all the time and sleeps over on the weekends, and we have sex that she initiates. What is going on in her head? Is she trying to teach me a lesson? If I didn't love her so much I would have given her the boot.


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  • It is only fair that ye would split the bills. I don't understand why she should be so angry at you. Why should you pay all the bills? It sounds like she may be using you but before concluding this you should talk to her, refuse these sleepovers until your problems get sorted. You need to let her know that you need to sort out differences before your relationship can continue.

    • This is her thing. She dosnt make much money and does not recieve child support. So she says that any extra money she has goes towards her kids. And she said that if I marry her its a package deal and I'm the man of the house. She did agree to pay utilities. A part of me feels she is right though but I'm not sure.

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    • Yes I love the kids. I didn't tell here it was because they were her kids. But the thing that confuses me is she still contacts me and tells me she loves me and calls me to say goodnight and want me to hang out with her. I don't mind because I love her. but how is that a break. What do you think she is doing.

    • I think that you need to ask her, you both sound confused. If she is the woman you want to marry then you should be able to discuss this with her.


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  • she is trying to get you to pay it all!


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  • Sounds a little nuts, maybe she's trying to get you to agree to pay all the bills before she'll put the ring back on?