Does he really like me ?

okay. my boyfriend has only had one real girlfriend in his whole life. I know he probably sounds like a dork. but they actually dated about four years. ya. and I really like him. but I don't know if he really likes me.or if he just wants a girlfriend. please help !


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  • how long have you been with him? what makes you think that he doesn't like you? sometimes when people were in a long relationship, some feelings stick around. and the key for you is to be his friend, show him that you care and be there for him without asking for too much. naturally, he will start liking you more as the days pass.

    the key to any good relationship is sincerity. communication too . but even then, you have to make it clear in a sincere way (no shouting,taking your anger out). anything can be fixed if you love someone enough.


What Girls Said 1

  • communication. But try not to force. guys are sensitive to "the talk." The only way you will ever know what is going inside another person's head is to ask them. :) g/l