I'm not exactly sure if he's chasing me again or really wants to "hang"?

I'm currently in a relationship. I have a friend that's been 'there' since 11th grade though. He was REALLY into me and vice versa. We never made it happen though because I decided he was bad for me. We still kept in touch. We went on a date, had fun but we immediately put each other in the friend zone afterwards lol. I had crazy feelings for him but they eventually faded especially after it was revealed to me that he's a cheating skank. I'm dating my fantastic Boyfriend for about 5 months now and he's in TX atm. So my 'buddy' was like " We should hang out after your boyfriend leaves" about a week ago. Is it kinda shady or do you guys feel like he's genuine considering our history?


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  • date him if you feel that he's okay for you.


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  • I would steer clear if you are serious about your current boyfriend. Simply the fact that this friend is saying he wants to hang out with you "after your boyfriend leaves" is shady and sounds like he has intentions that go beyond friendship...especially if you already know he's a cheater.

    • I think you're right. We always have a good time together, the chemistry is good and I think that may be kinda dangerous. I think he's a good friend despite the cheating thing but I probably shouldn't bother because I REALLY don't wanna ruin my relationship with my bf. He's not perfect, but he's perfect for me.