Should I take the kids?

So I asked a guy out to the lake on Friday. I said I would be there with some friends but I didn't say my kids would be there. This is our first "date'. I know him from work. I'm a bartender and he's a customer. He knows I have kids. We are both 30.


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  • I would not say for the first date.

    I don't know much about older people dating but this is what I would assume.

    You will want to have a fun relaxed first date and if your kids are there he might not mind at all but you will be worried stressed out and nervous their gonna do something to push him off. You don't want to be like that on the first date :)


What Girls Said 1

  • I say don't do it. He's already going to be our of his element since it's a first ate and he doesn't know your friends, you don't wanna throw the family in there too. Good luck and have fun!