Is it bad to sleep with a guy on the first night?

I met this guy through my girlfriend on her b day. He was very cute but I just got out of a bad relationship. Well we were in the limo and when he got dropped off he invited me to his house and it happened. Well then in the morning it happened again ( twice ).

well needless to say I like the guy but I don't know what to say to him and if I should try to start anything with him?

I hate bugging my friend about it because I think she is getting annoyed. It is her boyfriends friend and she has known him for years. Now what I want to know is how do I talk to him without being too forward? Does he think I am a skeez because I gave it up on the first night? I don't know what to do? Please any advice will help. Should I play it by ear and let him come to me?


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  • Guys can be hypocrites, they'll always try for sex, but if you give it up too easily, then you're "easy" and deemed date-able, because "for all they know, you could give it up that easily to any guy" Which I can see their point, but it's f***ed up nonetheless. okay, so this guy. you guys hooked up, and now you realize you've got some intense feelings for this guy. here's the thing, guys and way different from girls. guys can have sex and it means nothing, no emotional attachment necessary. girls are a bit different, when we have sex, it's unconsciously a bonding experience, and we're being vulnerable. maybe if WE f***ed THEM, it would be the other way around.

    anyway, I think you should wait to see him in person to unveil the feelings. if you try to get his number and text/call him like "hey this is the girl you hooked up with, I like you" it's an iffy situation, because he could not be a big texter, and if you don't hear a reply you're automatically discouraged. wait until he's in town next week. if he really wants to talk to you, he'll tell his best friend. who'll more than likely tell his girlfriend if she asks nonchalantly, and it'll come back to you. if by chance no word of him shows up, don't worry. if you're willing to invest in this guy, just wait a bit, do your own thing, and contact him sometime not-so-soon not-too-long with something like 'hey, what's new? you me and *yourbestfriend*hisbestfriend* should hang out this weekend' leave the door open and wait for him to reply

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      Good advise...thank you. That's a great idea. I will just wait.