How to heal a heart?

OK so me and this guy started hanging out at first we were just friends then it turn into more. As soon as I thought he was going to ask me out he started dating this other chick. Now he won't talk to me or anything its not like we "dated" or anything. But I really fell for him. He was the first guy I really could talk to. Now I can't stop thinking about him. At times I want to kill him and other times I want to go back in time and change whatever made him stop talking to me. So how can I get over him move on?


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  • find some friends to hangout with and go out and have some fun. try to avoid him as much as possible


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  • I know its hard because I've been through a very hard break up and the way I got over him was by not talking to him or seeing him. We went out for almost 2 years and it has been 6 months since we broke up and I promise you the beginning was so hard for me but now I am good because I prayed a lot. I also deleted him out of my life...anything he evr gave me I ripped apart and threw away, I deleted every picture I had with him, and I deleted his number. Now...start hanging out with your friends...stay busy...try to take your mind off him...i know it is hard but trust me...time heals I've been through it so you'll be fine goodluck