Why does my ex say this?

I had texted my ex that was in loved with me the other day and I ask here why she never answer my calls..and she told me she be busy how come she so busy if she got time to upload pics on Face Book like what's the deal I asked her is she mad at me she said no..so what's the so busy ish then any women know why she saying that?


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  • ahh she's an ex, she's making up excuses not ditch you, move on


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  • She's making up excuses.. If you say she has time to put up pictures on Facebook but no time to talk to you.. Hmmm.. XD

    I don't think she's mad, she's probably annoyed.. You should try listening to the tone of her voice, it tells a lot.

    • See well I haven't texted her in 3 weeks so when I did she told me that because I could never get her and we barely text its kinda like I don't know how to talk to her as a friend since the relationship had gotten so deep..But I neva talked to her on the phone since I got back in contact with her but what you mean by her being annoyed? but its hard to tell but now since you said it ima keep that in mind definitely..

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  • Sounds like she just doesn't want to talk to you.

    • Why like did I do something..?why she text back then at all like if so why she feel that way if we used o be in love..How can I ask her what I do she said she wasn't mad at me..

    • Your relationship ended. As you mentioned above you broke up with her then she broke up with you. There's too many issues between you that she just doesn't want to deal with it anymore. She wants to move on.

    • Yea you right if I was to get back with her I would have to prove I won't repeat those moves again but that's easier saying that than doing that coming out succesful..

  • Doesnt wanna talk to you.

    • I so wonder why like I asked her was she mad she say no I mean she do work now but..could it be her tryna play hard because I did stop txtin her for 3 weeks and b4 that I went off on her in a text arguement and I said some pretty harsh words..

    • She doesn't wanna talk to you, move on. Ignoring you isn't playing hard to get.