He only talks to me on weekends and never during week days?

on weekends and never during week days

we went on 1 date and he didn't even respond on my text the day after ..and he didn't talk to me online for like 3 weeks..

he talks to me now but only on weekends...I'm thinking he is busy with school ?


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  • If a guy like a girl, no matter what happens he does contact her. You could have waited for his text after your date than sending first, although, it's no harm but I think somethings boys should do ffirst!. He vanish when he will and come into ur life when he will, dun make him do that. .ur the one who is going to be hurt darling :( Trust me, I met a guy like that too, he talked to me when he wanted to and never thought about what I wanted. I got really hurt, so my advice to you is dun contact him, let him contact you but not only on weekends. You should be sure about that he really truly likes u. .If he's busy at school, does'nt mean he dun have 1 min to text u. So girl, you deserve someone who texts you back or call you after the date FIRST, who talks to you online, who does care for u. .i hope I helped. .best of luck :)


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  • He probably is busy. Also If he didn't respond to your text your really not that important to him. I know if I went out a with a girl and she texted me the next day I would respond probably even if I didn't want to continue to see her. So maybe he's just an inconsiderate bastard.

    • He flirts a lot with me now and he even wants to go out again..

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  • He's just probably busy with school. It's the end of the year so there's finals. Try not to worry or over think it.