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OK, I just got over a relationship with a guy I really liked. REALLY liked. And he really liked me back. He seemed sorta depressed though. Then he broke up with me because he said he wasn't ready for another girlfriend. So, little old me trying to mend my broken heart, decided to date one of my best guy friends. All my friends say he is a pervert. I'm all like WHAT?! He is really sweet and polite to me. Am I following my heart or my wits? Should I listen to my friends? HELP!



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  • guys are called nicknames like that for stupid reasons usually. I wouldn't buy into what they are saying. at least give the guy a shot. he seems to be more of a rebound guy than a new guy. regardless its going to make you feel better after the last relationship, and you never know, it might turn into something you didn't expect


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  • i dated a guy after I really really liked a guy but we grew apart becasue of distance. I found that because I didn't really like my friend and he liked me that it just ruined our friendship. so make sire this is what you want before you do anything