Why do women have so much trouble dating a good man?

Ya lets just say I'm a pretty decent guy. I think my strengths definitely my character & intelligence, and I'm also very attractive or so has been said. I'm aware how good catch I am and also Being that I've been raised by a women (i.e. single parent household), and have a sister I hit it off with women very well and have no problem attracting any. Lol been called a womanizer quite a few times and I believe I'm far from that. I believe I can get a woman if I utterly have to have her If their is no obstacle in the way. But I'm quite picky and don't believe every women is for me and I honestly think that would be completely selfish if I tried. And I don't immediately jump in a women's pants. I honestly get off on a women's character and personality more than looks but that's always a plus.

so I mean it seems like everything is fine in the beginning stages of a relationship. I mean just because I'm a "good" guy does not mean I am a pushover and will not speak my mind etc. I am definitely keen for standing for something and saying and doing what I convey. With that being said I figured I could keep problems to a minimum in my relationships but ya I got anything far from that. Their awesome initially and then when they get serious these women who appeared to be so stable and kind hearted and etc. flip a switch and turn into something they initially were not. Now I'm not sure what the problem is with dating a good man, but it just seems like every women preaches it but when they got one they fall head over heels for they can't control themselves let alone their emotions. starting to belie that no matter how good you are to a women, if your a man and you stand tall and talk through your actions as well as your words women still find something to nut up over. I'm even going places in life so I honestly can't understand why everything else in my life seems to have order and when I date a women things get to hectic. To the point where I'm tired of dating and think I need to just have sexual relationships because that's something a women can't be dishonest about or I could be confusing. You can just take that for face value. With that being said what is it about a guy when you have him and I mean he's got it going for him, and its known he just wants you and its obvious he just wants you. I mean yea I have female friends but I make sure their relationship doesn't compare to relationship with my women. And no matter the effort, I keep my ground, support them, etc. etc. they just find a way to make all that into a negative. Ya just trying to understand this paradigm. Why are we so much trouble and also why wish and talk about being with a good man and when you get one you let em go for something maybe not up to par, average or just unsatisfactory? Man I think women just need to be consistent with what they say they want and what they actually want. But I doubt that happens. At least my experiences dictate the opposite.


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  • my best advise for you my friend is not to go to the dark side of the moon (aka f***in and duckin) don't give up on women all together not all of us will flip that switch that's just how you weed out the controling ones... I understand completely where you are coming from some of my friends are those exact girls. one of the main reasons that I can see for a girl to do these things is that they got bored and found someone else, not that you're boring, but consistancy sometimes scares girls away especialy when theyre around my age. girls like to have options just like guys do and if they start having that consistancy they start noticing flaws, just like everyone has, and even though in the begining of the relationship that might not have bothered them because you were new and exciting, they notice that it does bother them to the point where they feel they should break it off, I'm not trying to make girls sound shallow or harsh, but I think almost every girl is guilty of that... you my friend just need to find a girl who isn't scared to be in a long term relationship, don't give up on women, there are girls out there who are more down to earth and are ready to be serious with someone without being a naggy bitch all the time. you sound like one of the good guys out there please don't take yourself out of that category for us girls there are hardly any of you left don't give up!


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  • You make yourself sound like God's gift to women, yet don't provide enough details on anything so we can give you any advice. If I had to guess I would suggest it sounds like you get too clingy. But again, that's just a guess. You know you best.

    • Well.... not techinically... I love my space and I encouraged her to have hers. In order to stay from being bored.... then it got to the point when "me" time became a huge problem. shed claim that I don't love her cus I hang out with my friends, or I can't talk every time she has the time to talk or etc. If it ain't on a womens time its always a problem. Then when you give them the time they ask for you become "clingy". No I like to have my own time so we simply can't get easily bored.