We met a couple of weeks ago, had sex on Monday, I texted him yesterday, still no answer.. Should I call him?

We met about three weeks ago, at the bus stop..He gave me his card and I called him three days later. We went out for three dates, he was fun and I really enjoyed his company. On our fourth date, this Monday, I invited him over to my place after work, around 17:00, and we had sex...Since then he hasn't called me, though I texted him yesterday, a casual message, saying good morning, and asking if is OK... I have received no answer yet, nor phone call, although I know that he is really busy and on Sunday he has these important exams...What should I do?Should I call him again today, or wait longer, see if he makes a move? I am usually very offensive, and impatience, but I like him and I don't want to put pressure on him. Please help me!


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  • Be patient. I know its hard, but wait for him to call you.

    • It is funny that two men gave me two different answers...Do you think that the sex ruined everuything?? It was obvious that he wanted it, and I did too....

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    • Let him call at least twice, and he needs to leave a message explaining why you haven't heard from him. It will be bullsh*t most likely, but that doesn't matter. Us men don't like to admit it, and some aren't even aware of it, but we like a good chase. We don't want our women liking us too much or we'll take them for granted. DON"T MAKE THIS TOO EASY FOR HIM.

    • It's OK that you had sex already, but if he feels like you couldn't care less if he calls you back (especially AFTER sex) he will think, "Hmmm...maybe she thinks I wasn't that good in bed, or maybe she doesn't like me as much as I thought." Then you've got him right where you want him. Then he will want you BAD!


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  • yap you have to call him ...its really will work..show your concern to him...

    and suppose if he is busy and whatever , a singla text doesn't take much time .i don't wana say something hard but I am also a guy :)

    the second thing you have mentioned is age difference I think it does;nt matter if he and you are mentally understanable.

    u said you like him alote then DO what ur heart says...

  • i think you should call him ...

    • Really? Shouldn't I wait just for a couple of days, until he is over with his exams (Note: I am 31 and he is 35)...I also remember telling him, before we had sex, that I am really insecure when it comes to men... I really don't know, I like him a lot and everybody tells me I should not call him, even though I prefer to clear things up as soon as possible...

  • If he is into you he will contact you, you have called and left text messages, he has got them and knows you are interested to many is bad, just wait, ...


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  • I agree with some of the guys' answers. I'm in the same boat as you (and confused too!) and I think you should wait. You don't want to come off too needy or crazy. Give it at least a few days and if you haven't heard from him, move on and use it as a lesson!