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If someone is sending you threatening text messages, what can you do to get help?

Hi I have a girlfriend who is receiving threatening text messages from her ex. She is 26 years old and the guy is 38.. he would send pics of his d***... Show More

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  • I'm surprised you would even get involved with this woman. That is way too much drama for me. I'd jet. If you the police won't do anything, you can kick hisA$$ and then try to plead that it was un meditated in court.

  • You've done all you can with this person. She obviously enjoys this abuse (for lack of a better word). If it bothers you, as much as it seems to be, cut off contact with this person, tell her that you can't be involved with her sick lifestyle.

    There are plenty of more stable people out there who'd probably enjoy your company and cause you less stress.

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