Choosing between two guys?

i need help :( I'll explain each boy so it makes more sense

Cory is very laid back, content, non emotional. I met Cory at the end of my freshmen year (the end of his sophomore year), we were dating off and on for 3 years. By the time his senior year had ended I had fallen in love with him & lost my virginity to him as well. He went to college in Seattle and it all went down hill and we ended up breaking up.

Dennis is lovable, rebellious, and stubborn. I met Dennis through a friend near the end of this year (my senior year) we were talking for 3 months and dated for 2 until we started having arguments about our long distance relationship because in a couple months I would be off to college and he would be going into the navy.

Both of them had pros & cons which I made a list of but didn't help one bit, I could see myself being with both of them in the future but I don't know which one will be worth it in the long run.

btw I've been in situations like this with Cory multiple times & I always picked him but it's different this time because I have really strong feelings for Dennis but I know Cory is more serious about having a relationship with me since we broke up.


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  • Maybe their could be someone else who is better or worse, or you could end up with one or the other if things work out, distance, time if they feel the same etc...time will tell, its nice to have lots of choices or options, but in the end you have to choose which one will make you happier in the short term as opposed to long term, family, secuirty, finances etc...


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  • Well I'm obviously not in your situation, but I'd say neither of them. The distance, in my opinion, eventually separates all but the most dedicated people. Not saying you're not dedicated, but distance is usually a relationship killer. You said it was your senior year this year, just forget about relationships because college is about to start and you will meet a whole bunch of people from many different groups. They are only two guys in a world of many.


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  • If you are trying to choose between the two of them, maybe neither of them is meant to be. When you find that one that you are meant to be with there shouldn't be any question about it. I know, call me a romantic.. but it's just something that I've learned over the years. Don't get too caught up in these boys, especially if you aren't even going to be living in the same area. Keep looking around, chances are you will find something you like even better. :) Good luck!