What kind of women do men want to date?

I don't get it


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  • The kind that "put out", look like models, and make it easy to get to know. Many guys have seen to many movies and porn and expect real woment to be like that. Men all want sex and most any will date anyone long enough to get laid. Now if you are talking long term, I would say, forget the guys that a getting "some". Only date the ones that can stay with you wihtout getting some and don't stick around if you don't want to marry them.

    If you having a hard time getting asked out then you just need to be patient, find places where more men frequent (forget clubs!). Then practice skills of smiling, waving, winking, and otherwise encourging shy guys to have the nerve (or safe to come to you) to appraoch you. Then you will find plenty of dates.


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  • I want a girl with a pretty face, average boobs, and be slender. Is that too much to ask?

  • Someone who is willing to take initiative and not play stupid games with me. Someone slim, but not skinny with average boobs and enough ass that you can grab it.


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