What are some of the things that white men do to show that they are attracted to dark skinned women?

I am attracted to white guys, I always thought that they weren't interested in darker skinned women. I don't want to miss out on an opportunity with being in a relationship with a white man, and not even know that he is flirting with me. When a white man flirts with a dark skinned woman is it any different to when he flirts with a white woman?


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  • Not all guys conform to the stereotypes, we are who we are and our personalities differ regardless of race so I'm not going to give you advice on how a white guy would approach you because id likely be misleading. What I am going to say though is that yes, white guys deffinitly do like black women and being dark skinned is not something that would put me off, I actually tend to see that the majority of times when I do see a white man with a black women, the black women tends to be off a darker complexion with her natural hair and honestly in my opinion I personally am very attracted to dark skinned black women.

    I suppose if the guy gets a vibe about your personality he will try to act accordingly as he may believe that's the best way to get your attention but than again id assume most guys would be more or less willing depending on the girl. If a white guy flirts with you try to understand his personality first to see how he feels about you. just be open and responsive and he probably will ask you out. good luck


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  • When we are attracted to black chicks we casually walk up to them and say "you gots a fat azz, lemme get that numba."

    Actually I'm lying, what we actually do is hand them a note that says "do you like me?" with checkmark boxes for a 'yes' option and a 'no' option.


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  • Idk I live in the U.S. and they don't really show it except trying it hit on me by saying'ayy girl' but it never works...I have family in holland but they are from suriname and its not the same stigma we have in the u.s.

  • The same things they do to show they're attracted to light skinned women. Sorry if that sounded facetious, but there really is no difference. If he likes you then he likes you. He might be a little more reserved because he may not know if you like white men but generally he should act the same as he would with any woman. Most of the cues he will get are from you though. If you smile at him and look inviting, you will be giving him the greenlight that it is OK to flirt with you.

    When I see a white guy and a black girl couple, she usually is dark skinned. I rarely see a light skinned or caramel brown girl dating a white guy for some reason.

    I'm a caramel-ish but in the summer when I get darker I get flirted with by more white men for some reason. Never really thought about it until now but yeah it is true.