We broke up, but he's texting me again... REALLY CONFUSING?

Me and my boyfriend of 9 months just broke up about a week and a half ago. This was pretty much why we broke up: We dated during the school year when we lived in the same dorm building. But now he's transferring to another school in the fall. We planned to spend the summer together and travel... Show More

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  • I completely agree with vmw2008 here mainly becuz I have been here personally and I used to be a guy similar to this as much as that sucks to admit. He is completely concerned with himself right now and could not really care any less for what you want in this. What you should do is focus on what you want (him or not) but for the right reasons not because you miss it and its comfortable. If you do really want him then talk to him but let him know he hurt you bad and if he was so quick to toss everything away he is missing now then what means he won't do it again in the future. If you think he will do this again (I'm guessing he will) or you just plain do not want him or miss him, then say screw it and move on. You can do way better than these childish mind games anyway.