Why do guys say they will call..but they never do..why they don't call?

I'm talking with this guy for past two months.. we talked a lot everyday the whole day.. he said he like me.. we really like each other but one day he stop calling I called him and said I missed him so much he told me that he is busy and he will call me back but the whole day I didn't got any call from him no miscall, no text, no chat..then the next day he didn't call again..should I move on and forget him? because he doesn't care about me..

Why do guys say they will call.. but they never do.. why they don't call?


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  • He said he was busy right ?!

    Give they guy a little credit .He said he'll call you when he'll no longer be busy and he will ...guys just don't stop calling without reasons.


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  • Hello..

    ok forst of all you need to learn to relax and STOP JUMPOING TO CONCLUSIONS.. your getting yourself all worked up for no reason at all.. just carry on as normal when the man has time to call you he will call you, its not that he doesn't care but acting all crazy on him isn't going to help matters..

    like I said just relax.. enjoy this time to yourself and when he has time he will call you..

    and NO I don't think you should leave him just becouse he hasn't called in 2 days.. all this will do is tell him that your crazy.. and not in a good way..

    Good Luck


    • I totally agree with him because it has happened to me and the guy will find you annoying.

  • Most people will find and excuse to be with you. They will also find an excuse to not be with you.

    The odds are he's lost interest for some reason.

    Wait 3 days, call him back and ask him to do something. If he's "busy" again he's not interested and move on.

  • He might actually have been busy this one time, so the benefit of the doubt may be in order. If it happens again, then it may be time to direct your romantic interest elsewhere - in the past, I've been in this situation myself.

    • I text him and I got a reply from him but he doesn't call

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  • Actions speak louder than words.