Why so many like this?

Why is it that every guy I meet wants to do nothing but come to my place? What about actually dating by going out somewhere? I don't know if they are just broke and can't so it or just looking for sex or both, but I'm tired of it so freaking tired of it. there in there early 20's mostly and some late 20's, either meeting them online or in person is the same thing. Its like they all want the same thing. Why? I want to date for real, a real date to get to know each other and do fun things, not to be coped up alone at a house which leads to sex.


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  • i think I'm a pretty good guy, I like dates and going places. But I really don't need a Facebook or MySpace to find chicks maybe when I was younger maybe but if they were mature they would try to talk a lot more with you before even dating unless you wanna rush things and asking to go your place does say sex all over it how bout theirs or maybe they live with a girlfriend or parents I don't know you shout try a new way of meeting guys because even if they seem different like if you want fish you shouldn't just keep going to the sea find them ,they might all be salty :D I don't if this helps or not lol I'm just bored out my mind


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  • WTF, you ever heard of "No you can't come to my damn house" what the f*** is wrong with you? you should no better, but then again times are tuff, but to be honest, it;s your taste in men sweet heart, no body is making you pick these broke ass, loser ass, free loading mother f***ers..you're doing it all by yourself.

    • I meet most on MySpace and on Facebook, just avg guys and they all say and do the same stuff and no I'm not a gold digger either, I don't think about going out there looking for a rich guy so he can take me out to real expensive restaurants like most girls want. It would be nice but money is not everything to me abut I also don't want no one who can't take me no where nice or don't want to actually date.

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  • I think they are born with this behavior. Does not matter if they are 20 or 50 it is the same game. All girls know once you give it up then we start to look at what is really going on. God for bid we start feeling used. Here is my rules. If a man of any age does not want you to meet his friends, be seen in public with you or just want to lay up on your couch. If he doesn't want you to know where he lives or come to his house then best run. All very bad signs. Now of course they might just be down on their luck or between jobs but you can still get a movie at Red Box for 1$. Try making it about something other then sex. Like: Lets meet at the park or I would like to meet at the mall. If he is not asking you out to do something even if it is free ( these are hard times and does not have to be about how much they spend) then I would move on.