Kiss on the forehead?

i was with a guy who always kiss me on the forehead after sex, while we were together he would tell me that he is not ready to settle down, I never went to his home but he would tell me he would do anything for me. I think he was just playing games. we call each other now and then, the last time I call him and told him happy birthday and he said he is happy I call and remember his birthday,so I don't know what to think, can some one help me an the answer?


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  • Unless you're fine with being a friend with benefits, then that's all this is. A forehead kiss is usually a sign of affection. He probably likes you as a friend and cares about you as a friend, but doesn't really see you as relationship material. When a guy says he's not ready to settle down, take his word for it unless he proves otherwise verbally.


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  • I think it's more of "Thanks for letting me use you" kind of kiss.


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  • Exactly what he told you - he is not ready to settle down. It sounds like you are his f**k buddy. If I were you, I'd stop contact with him and look for a guy who's willing to let me in his life and let me share mine with him.