Why doesn't his friend talk to me anymore?

I have been seeing this guy, Jake, for a couple of months, but nothing is official and he hasn't even kissed me yet. I met several of his friends at an event and one in particular, we'll call him Jim, began to talk to me on Facebook. Jim asked if I would want to go out with him at some point. I said yes since Jake was busy during that time and I figured he didn't like me. We never did go out, but we talked on Facebook almost every evening. One day, I was talking to Jim on Facebook and Jake logged on and started talking to me. When he asked me what I was doing I told him I was talking to his friend. Since then, Jim has not contacted me anymore. I saw him online last night, so I sent him a quick note asking how he was. He not only did not respond, but he logged off a couple of minutes later. Why would he do that? Do you think Jake said something to him?


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  • Lol, yea I think Jake has one up on you. It is too bad he finds the need to damage potential dating for his friend ; but that is between them.

    • What do you mean by "one up on you'? Is it like Jake got there first so he gets the first shot?

    • You mentioned that Jake and Jim were friends ; well their friendship is very important to Jake that he would ask Jim to stay away from you.

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  • mabey Jake got jealous of Jim and thought he was trying to steal you away from him? Or mabey Jim took it the wrong way when you said you would go out somewhere with him..? mabey he took it as a 'she likes me not you' kinda thing to Jake? I'm not really sure but I've been in your position before and that's what happend to me.. hope I could help(: