He won't text/call me back, help?

Last week was our last week of school, and I havnt seen my boyfriend in awhile, or talked to him. He is away for family, but told me it would be really boring, so I think he would be glad to talk to me. I texted him a few times and he hasn't not replied at all. So I tried to call him, answering machine. I know he has his phone though. Now I'm worried he won't talk to me at all over the summer, am I just paranoid? Any advice?


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  • You have done all you can do on your end. Is he on vacation or is this a family emergency? Just take a step back, ask yourself has he given you any reason to really worry? Is he out of the country and maybe can't get his messages?


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  • The ball's in his court I'm afraid, there's not much else you can do. Keep yourself busy by seeing friends and try not to stress out too much. There could be a valid reason as to why he hasn't contacted you yet, but don't sit around waiting for him, it's summer so go out and have fun! If he doesn't contact you at all this summer, it's his loss.