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OK so I been with my boyfriend for 1 year now but when he asks me to go out for dinner I freak out And I tell him no cause I'm not hungry which in reality I do wan. To go out but I get so nervous like I can't eat when he's around it's not that am scared for him to think that I eat a lot I just don't know is there any advice to this?


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  • if he really likes you, then he'll be happy with however you are around him. there's no sense letting nerves get in the way if you like him. I'm also sure he'd be flattered that you think so highly of him that you freeze up. I used to have the very same problem and it just took me to finally say "screw this" and just appreciate being around him. the more of a chance you give him, the more you'll slowly come into your own in his company. I hope this helps you girl. please feel free to add me if you think I can help you more.


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  • I used to have the same problem. Like I would refuse to eat in front of my ex-boyfriend because I was really self conscience, and didn't want him to think I ate too much or something. But honestly, if you've been dating this guy for a year, eating around him shouldn't make you feel nervous. With my current boyfriend, I was nervous to eat around him at first. But then I realized that I had nothing to worry about becasue he loves me for who I am. Even if I eat a lot sometimes, or have something stuck in my teeth, or mustard smeared on my chin lol. Everyone eats! Just start out in a place where you're comfortable, like at your house and have a small meal or snack. Like popcorn during a movie. Then move up, until you're comfortable with going out to resturants. Good Luck!

  • If you've been with him for a year and you're still not comfortable just going out to dinner, one-on-one, there's some serious issues there.

    You should be totally at ease with your boyfriend, you've been together for quite a long time. It makes me think you don't really see each other or communicate effectively. You need to work on that. That's probably why you find yourself incapable of eating when he's around. It's not that you're worried he'll think you eat too much. He likes you for you, or he wouldn't be with you. For over a year.

    Good luck.