Seeing two guys, and I have to pick who to keep?

i am single so I have been doing the whole dating thing.. I have been seeing two guys...and its getting to the point were I have to choose between the two...the one guy seems like he will take good care of me..his nice...but when he drinks he gets controlling...haven't noticed it as much when he's not...the other guy seems nice and sweet..seem to like him more..but have a hard time trusting him...i haven't ever said anything to him about it though...because he has never gave me a reason to..don't no why I don't trust him...i dunno..i have to pick one and just don't no which one to pick


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What Guys Said 1

  • sounds like neither one of them. One drinks and gets controlling which will lead to many many late night fights in the future I am sure, and well your instinct is tell you to stay away from the other. Start over.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't go for the controlling one. A little controlling now means PSYCHO later...

    Have fun!