How long does it take to respond to a message for men?

I just broke up with my Fiance of 5 years. His friend,he only talks to about once a year, I think really likes me. He told me to call him when he found out we broke up. I left him a message last week and didn't respond. I got in a car accident the next week and I HAD to call him because he is a auto body shop owner and I trust him with my life even. He got me the BEST rental car and service and he even asked if I was ready to date yet. I said YES. I asked why he hadn't returned my call and he said it was because he felt it may be strange since he was friends with my fiancee and I just broke up 2 months ago. I said not to worry and we should go out for drinks and he should call me. I just sent him a business related text 2 hours ago and he hadn't responded yet. What is up with that!?


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  • Hello..

    So you and your fiance.. the man who for 5 years you were happy to marry.. have just broke up.. its been only 2 months and now your planning on dating off all people HIS BEST MATE...

    Sweet heart.. ARE YOU INSANE...

    I mean your complaining about this guy not getting back to you have you considered the fact he's thinking more about the mass of problems this could cause more then you are..

    my advice.. leave well alone, find somone else..

    Good Luck



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  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHAT? "I just broke up with my Fiance of 5 years" and "I just broke up 2 months ago"... YOU ARE NOT READY TO DATE! Get your head checked and take some time off.

  • That's so effed up you'd consider dating your ex fiances friend.. I mean, you broke up with him and then want to date HIS friend on top of it? There's guy rules and codes for this.


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  • omg, you're going to date your ex fiances friend!? wow, that's kinda messed up...but anyway to answer your question. It's only been 2 hours, give him a break, maybe he is busy. Maybe he is at work and can't text. Don't get mad about that, 2 hours isn't that long. Give him some time to text back. Some people are really busy and don't always have time to text back right away. Give him a little while longer and text him again and if he doesn't respond then just forget about it, stop contacting him and let him contact you.