Any tips on first kissing and what's should I do? and how...also what's the best thing to practice on?



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  • Do something with your arms..don't just let them hang there like you are a floppy armed orangutang :) lol like put them on her waist or if you're feeling passionate, on either side of her face.

    Don't be 'all tongue'! Don't just constantly keep shoving and moving you're tongue in her mouth. Like, use it ever now and again to add variation lol.

    Umm..Oh, vary your pressure. That's hot. like start gentle then get a little bit firmer (not too firm so she's struggle to keep her head from being pushed backwards though lool) and then go back a bit softer again.

    Be carefull not to move to far into teh kiss so that you bang your teeth on hers. Don't forget to breathe and occassionaly remeber to you don't wana be a slippery sloppy wet kiss haha.

    but most importantly be RELAXED. :) Best way to practice is to kiss teh back of your hand I guess..that what they do it the movies lol.

    • Hey thanx a lot for the advice...oh and one more thing, we're trying to have the first kiss in the cinema, while watching a movie, any tips?


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  • i simply ADORE it when a man cups the side of my face with one hand or both during a kiss. If it's a first kiss, don't even worry about tongue right away, that's like the next step once you've become comfortable with the lip on lip action alone.

    Practise on an ice cream in a cone. The cold will make you extra sensitive to pressure and the soft texture of the ice cream which will be her lips. (not that her lips will be cold but you get the idea) If you want poke your tongue out a little bit for just a small taste.. but don't get crazy and spear the ice cream.

    A sweet, sensual kiss is about control. Treat her lips like the ice cream. Be delicate and savor the moment.


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  • work the balls...

  • If you never had kissed before then first kiss on her hand then cheek and if she feel comfortable with this then at the end kissed on lips.