We've been friends for 6 years, I was drunk and kissed him. I asked him if he likes me?!

I've known this guy for about 6 years, we live on the same street. Last night, a group of us were just chilling at another guy from my street's house. We were drinking alcohol and I got kinda drunk/tipsy. We ended up playing truth or dare, and I got dared to kiss him, so I did. We kissed twice. Anyways, later on that night when I got home I texted him asking him all about it. I asked him how he feels about me and he said "i don't know" I said "its cool if you don't like me" he said "i never said that". Anyways this is like the second time we've talked about the whole liking thing. I told him I like him at the beginning of the month and he still said "i don't know".

Really though, what could he Not know ?! We've known each other long enough.. Ugh.

A lot of people seem to think he likes me, but he isn't admitting it. What reason could he have for saying "i don't know" and not admitting it ?!


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  • i think he's afraid to lose you as a friend.


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  • Maybe he just doesn't want to ruin your friend ship he may think that if you two are together then you will expect more from him...I hope I helped :)