Opinions on online dating?

Hey so I just wanted to gather peoples' opinions on online dating. Obviously, more and more people are starting to do it, and the more people I talk to have either tried or know someone that has.

Question: What is your opinion on online dating?

For me, not to offend anyone, but I kind of think it's a bit desperate, and a touch lonely - and that's kind of how I see people on these sites. Like if you meet a girl, is she going to be socially awkward? lol


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  • I'm not really against it, but I do think ti's a helluva lot harder than regular dating. There's a bigger issue on trust, and the fact that it's just so easy to lie to the other person. I think you should try online dating, only if you really feel you can't find anyone else around your area. I do believe attraction/love can happen anywhere though .


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  • A lot of people are in a situation where they don't meet a lot of people, especially if they're done with school and out in the working world. Not everyone is into clubs and bars, where it is often too loud to meet anyone anyway.

  • Online dating is just as crappy as any other dating method. It has it's advantages and disadvantages.