Did I read her wrong?

I work with this woman and I could have sworn she was into me. I mean, we flirt, she talks to me for hours at a time after work, she touches me casually, she looks at me often. She always seems to want to talk and keep the convo going. She even asked for my number. One time we sat in her car for hours and chatted. She’s got a DVD player in her car and since we like the same music, she said we should watch some music (concert) DVDs in her car sometime. We let each other borrow some DVDs, so while we were texting later that day, I asked her if she’d like to watch one of them together sometime (based on the fact that she once said that we should watch them in her car). She didn’t respond to that, but she has always responded to all other texts, almost immediately.

So did I read her wrong? Does it sound like I freaked her out?

P.S. - When we were talking in the car it was until 3:00 AM in an empty parking lot...come on, who does that? She also waited an hour for me to get off of work just to be able to talk to me for the additional 3 hours...


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  • No, she's sending some pretty strong "I-Like-You" signals there. I doubt you freaked her out, as she did suggest such an activity before, although it's possible she wasn't thinking with a full head, sometimes people think differently at night, but it still seems like she likes you. How long has it been since you sent the text?

    • About a day. I'm not really stressing about it. I mean, sometimes I don't respond to messages and texts right away and then I end up forgetting about them. But I'm just trying to figure out if I should pursue this girl as a friend or something more. Thanks for the response.

    • I'd say more, she seem interested.


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  • That is a little odd. I wouldn't say you misread her. Those signals are pretty intense. Although it's possible that maybe you're just a really good friend that she likes to talk to. I don't think you did anything wrong in asking to get together. She threw out a lot of obvious signals. The next time you guys are talking face to face maybe you can ask her again. Then you can read her body language and see how she reacts. Good luck!

    • Thanks. The weird thing is...we aren't really good friends. I mean, I'd like to be, but we've only known each other for like 2 months, and she was the one that started talking to me. The more I think about it, the more it seems she likes me. I'll take your advice, it'd be better to ask in person anyway.

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  • Maybe the text never went through? Call her and talk to her. Fuck all this texting sh*t.

    • Lol, yeah I actually hate texting. I would call her now, but she just got off work and is really tired, she might be sleeping. I guess I'll see tomorrow when I see her at work.

    • Haha, just noticed...it censors the s word but not the f word? lol, funny stuff...

  • -P.S. - When we were talking in the car it was until 3:00 AM in an empty parking lot...come on, who does that?- You, and apparently her? No dude, but on a serious note, I think she just wants to steal your concert dvd's.