First Date... Help!

I am going kayaking, Rock Climbing and Spelunking tomorrow and it is out first date. What should I wear? I want to wear something cute but something that works for our activities


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  • I probably shouldn't say this, because I have a feeling it will sort of ruin things for you but... the bottom line is that uhm, he's probably gonna think you look cute/hot/pretty no matter what you choose to wear.

    Unless you wear something stupid like a thick sweater, or a prom dress or something. O_o Since you two are gonna be doing outdoor activities, I assume you can see why wearing those two things would be kinda silly.

    So just wear whatever you are comfortable with, and you'll be fine. He's not gonna judge you for your clothes.

    • Haha thanks.

      It would kind of be silly to wear something like that spelunking.

      I just wanted to make a good first impression

    • Shorts and a tank top would be fine splunking


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  • Have you ever done any of those things before? If you haven't well those aren't exactly high heels and a dress activities, so looking "cute" isn't going to be your main concern. Ask someone who has done those activities what you should wear.

  • some short shorts if you have some nice legs, A tank top, if your going kayaking, Maybe wear a nice bikini and pull a cute tank top and shorts on over top of it.

    I love the outdoors especially repelling and kayaking. It's easy to be cute and sexy yet still appropriate. Think of his surprise when your getting ready to go kayaking and just pull your shirt off and slide your shorts down and bam cute bikini

    • Haha

      Thanks. I like the way you think

    • Just go for something that will work for everything, a good pair of sneakers tho, I'd avoid a purse too if you can help it. Just take your drivers licence and like 20$ and put it in your pocket or something.

      some waterproof eyeliner, and or lip gloss would be ok too. go light with the makeup

    • Yea I don't carry purses

      I am more of a tomboy

  • I once went on a hiking date with a girl who thought it would be cute to dress cute. She ended up with 4 ticks stuck in her pretty legs cause she wore short shorts instead of long pants. Being practical is just as sexy as cute clothes.


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  • I would get a cute baby doll tee and some khaki shorts. Wear your hair down until you actually need to pull it back or put on a visor/ball cap. Shoes are gonna have to be functional but at least your outfit can still be cute.

    • Thanks. That's a good idea to think of

  • ahhh I'm havin the same issue what to wear on a fist date,

  • fun date. wear something comfortable, maybe shorts and a well fitting shirt

    • Yea I want to kind of keep it simple

      And I am so stoked about it. He does that stuff for a living so I am happy to know I will be in good hands lol