What's your opinion on texting in the dating world?

I can remember a time when we would not have text as a mean of communication, Do you think it has been a good thing now or a bad thing that we have this other way to communicating with the ones we are dating? In comparison to land line calling? Just curious really.


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  • it depends, at the start of the relationship I pretty much never text up until the point I sleep with the girl. I found there to be too much miss communication and often it f***s it up. But after sex texting is great, I mean you still should call but a text once in a while is great to keep in touch

  • to me it feels people around the age of like 16-26 are heavy texters now and so with the times things change. there used to be a time when phones were kinda new and you had to see them in person to talk to them, and now a lot of people just text, its more convienent and you can do it at work without having to find a private place to talk, especially for small stuff.